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Investors can profit from urban conflict

Posted By Dick Sterling
December 17, 2013

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With the decay and destruction of more urban centers, several of America's once-thriving cities are increasingly looking like economic dead zones. This may continue, for several reasons which I've outlined in a previous post. There are indications that the federal government is preparing for riots and increased urban unrest. Is there a way investors can position for this?

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Normally we'd look at suppliers to law enforcement --- such as gun and ammo manufacturers. But Smith & Wesson and Ruger have already posted massive gains, as has Alliant Techsystems (ATK). There's simply not much to choose from, the number of public companies in the firearms and ammunition space is very limited.

But there are other niches than simply firearms-related. UAV's, armored vehicles, body armor, intrusion prevention, riot control, simulation technology... the list goes on.

Here are three small companies whose share prices have languished despite the market's recent highs and may provide realistic upside (and substantial risk).

Arotech (ARTX) provides simulator technology and power chargers to military and law enforcement. Share price is about $2.70, market cap $50 million+.

LRAD Corp (LRAD) provides acoustic technology which serves multiple purposes including crowd control. Share price just under $2 and market cap of about $60 million.

Napco Security (NSSC) manufactures various security products. Share price just over $6 per share and market cap is around $120 million.

All three of these stocks could give speculators an upward bump in their portfolios as urban conflict worsens. All of them have major risk. The reason I mention them at all is they are in an attractive space and are small --- and as an individual investor, you have a competitive advantage in small stocks, as I've said in previous posts.

But how do you select the right ones? I’ve designed a tool to help you --- and I’ve developed it to be a fully-automated, quick, easy-to-understand system for separating the outstanding small stocks from the duds. Buy The Small Stock Formula. I believe you’ll agree --- the ease, speed, and results are exceptional. I consider it one of the most valuable tools an investor can own.

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